Sewer Repairs in the Rear Yard of Baltimore Row Homes | White Paper

repaired sewer line with cleanout access point

Baltimore is a city full of beautiful and vibrant row home neighborhoods. In Bolton Hill, Mount Vernon, and Charles Village, there are magnificently built townhomes with rich architectural details.  Federal Hill, Fells Point, and Canton show off our city’s maritime and merchant history.  In “newer” neighborhoods like Hampden, Remington, and Rodgers Forge, you’ll find tight-knit communities that thrive because of … Read More

Sewer leaking under basement floor | White Paper

Your basement is filled with nasty smelly odors and you don’t know why.  Every time you flush your toilet, take a shower, or do laundry, your basement just gets more stinky and damp.  If this is happening in your home, there is a good chance that a sewer pipe is leaking somewhere under your basement floor.  Fixing such a problem … Read More

How do I fix a sewer under a tree?

A $70,000 tree may shock some, but to our client who just had a fully mature tree delivered and planted, it was the cherry-on-top to complete his dream lawn. His joy was short lived though. A stormwater pipe that ran beneath the tree started having problems draining and began to backup in to his yard. The first plumber he called … Read More

What is a swale?

an example of a swale used to direct rainwater

What is a swale? Definition: A swale is a natural looking excavated channel in your yard designed to direct and control stormwater.   At its heart, a swale is a subtle indentation in the ground used to direct stormwater.  Swales are used to steer surface stormwater discharge away from and around anything important on your property.  This includes your home’s … Read More

What is a rain leader?

installation of an entire rain leader system

What is a rain leader? Definition: A rain leader is a pipe that collects the water discharged from your gutters and downspouts, and moves this stormwater away from your home.   Stormwater management for homes centers around protecting your home from the disastrous effect that out of control storm water creates.  Rain leaders are an important part of every stormwater … Read More

Did my plumber fix my sewer correctly?

Bad contractors are everywhere. No one wants to pay a great deal of money to be taken advantage of. Homeowners should be leery when it comes to large scale home repairs. If you’ve ended up at this article, it’s probably because you’re having some doubts about your sewer repair. Have you been left wondering what you paid for? Did a … Read More

Should I repair or replace my sewer?

When you are considering how to deal with sewer problems, you may wonder which course of action to take.  Should you repair a part of your sewer, or should you completely replace it? This is a decision faced by many homeowners.  Let’s take a look at both sewer service options and decide and help you see which fits best for … Read More

The True Cost of a Sewer Replacement

a sewer repair that hasn't been tamped with the hump of dirt present

Are you considering replacing your sewer?  The cost of such an important – although not glamorous – home repair raises many important questions.  Which of the wide variety of plumbers and pricing available should you choose? Do you really need to have a complete sewer replacement done?  How do you choose a plumber to do your sewer replacement? What should … Read More

Are you using a plunger the right way?

vintage style drawing of a plunger being illuminated next to a toilet

The plunger is plumbing’s iconic tool.  If you have a bathroom, you probably have a plunger.  Just because it’s a simple tool doesn’t mean it isn’t handy though.  It also doesn’t mean that everyone knows how to use one properly. Did you know that most people don’t know the way a plunger truly works, or how to use when one … Read More

What should I do when my basement floods with sewage?

technical drawing of a basement toilet under a glass block window

Sewage backups are a disaster.  But we don’t have to tell you that.  If you’re experiencing one, there’s only one question on your mind.  What should I do? It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the situation. Your basement or living area may be flooding.  Stay calm, know that it can be fixed, and read on. Most backups occur when water … Read More