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Get to know Baltimore's water and waste piping experts

C.A. Taciak & Sons is a small family-owned and operated underground utility contracting company. We are based out of Towson, Maryland and service both Baltimore City and Baltimore County.

Our specialty is repairing, replacing, and installing underground plumbing utilities such as sewers, septic systems, water services, and rain leaders. We are expert drain cleaners, pipe inspectors, and excavators. C.A. Taciak & Sons also offers stormwater management solutions and sinkhole remediation.

C.A. Taciak & Sons operates with an MHIC license, a master plumbers license, a septic installer license, and is completely insured. Our company offers financing, takes all major credit cards, and offers competitive pricing for every job. We pride ourselves on our extreme level of knowledge and experience that allows us to offer a variety of services to Maryland homeowners.

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Frank Taciak

Frank Taciak is a professional heavy equipment operator and underground utility installer for the Baltimore Metro area. Over the last 30+ years, Frank has serviced and installed thousands of sewers, water lines, and septic systems. His unparalleled level of experience guides each plumbing project.

As a second-generation contractor, Frank has seen it all. His extensive knowledge of Maryland underground utilities makes no problem impossible, allowing C.A. Taciak & Sons to operated as a solution-oriented company.

In his spare time, Frank works as a volunteer construction worker and customer service mentor for small businesses. As a mentor, he helps other family owned trade businesses improve their customer service and quality. Frank's long history of satisfied customers attest to his expertise.

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Sam Taciak

Sam Taciak is a Maryland master plumber pulling from three generations of construction knowledge and experience. Following his father's and grandfather's example, he continues their legacy of quality and service. As a Baltimore native, Sam has years of experience handing all types of local plumbing problems.

After graduating with honors from Goucher College in 2011, Sam resumed his plumbing career. He spent several years as a commercial plumbing apprentice before rejoining C.A. Taciak & Sons. This combined practical and academic education well prepares Sam to handle any plumbing problems.

Sam's passions include volunteer construction work, reading, and exploring local restaurants with his wife Lexi. Above all else, Sam enjoys helping others untangle the complicated problems of residential construction.

Three men standing together in a black and white photo. On the left is Frank Taciak, the middle is Charles Taciak, and on the right is Sam Taciak. They are wearing black polo shirts and represent three generations of plumbing contractors.

Three generations of underground utility expertise

Frank Taciak's father Charles founded C.A. Taciak & Sons in 1940. In its early years, the company provided general construction services, but by the 1960's, Charles had shifted the company focus to excavation and utility installation - specifically plumbing.

During the late 1970's, Frank began working with C.A. Taciak & Sons, gaining valuable experience and learning the trade. During the 1980's, he took a break from the family business to work as a machinist for 8 years at a large printing plant in Brookly, NY. When his son Sam was born, Frank moved back to Baltimore and took over the family business. C.A. Taciak & Sons has steadily grown each year since then. The most important reason for this growth has been an ongoing education program that has helped our company best serve our customers.

Today, C.A. Taciak & Sons continues to serve the greater Baltimore area, solving its residents' trickiest plumbing problems.