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After an exhaustive search, there were several deciding factors for me to utilize C.A. Taciak and Sons:

1. Frank (the owner) had very significant experience based knowledge of sewer, property / foundation drainage, and water supply plumbing. This was evident to me as we discussed the project.

2. Frank took the time to plan out the project prior to providing a quote, thus providing an estimate based on specific needs of the job.

3. He is local to the area, arrived a few minutes early to assure promptness to both scheduled meetings, and was someone I felt I could trust with this significant project.

4. Positive prior reviews on Angie’s List

The project:
Frank, his son, and small crew arrived on time and the date scheduled.
Frank skillfully operated the the backhoe. The sewer line ran a bit longer across the property than initially expected (there was no additional charge). The sewer line was reconnected the same day.
Sewer line is working well and supply water flow is greatly improved with the galvanized line replaced.
It was evident that Frank and his team took ownership of the job and executed it to even my high standards. The property was cleaned up nicely after competion.
The project was completed on time, at the quoted cost, with a good group of people to work with. A+ in my opinion!

-Angies List Review

We got quotes from 2 other plumbers.  Frank came up with the best solution, the ‘break through” method to fix the block section plus line 40’ of pipe inside the old terra-cotta reinforcing the whole line that runs under a stream, and protecting it against heavy storm runoff waters.  They also installed 2 clean-outs that will give the county access to their section of pipe.  They managed to maneuver two backhoes around all of our plants and trees and one across the stream without damage.  They were able to dig out the blocked pipe with no impact or silt in the stream.  The cost of the job, given the extra protection for the line was less expensive than our other quotes that would have just replaced a small section of pipe, and was overall a fair cost for the high quality of work.  He also does not nickel and dime more costs on for “unexpected” things, although fortunately everything went right for our job.  County Utilities and Environmental departments should be pleased that one of their nightmare sewer lines from the 50’s has at least one house line intact.  I recommend C.A. Taciak & Sons for any outside plumbing work.

-Angies List Review

Great plumbing family, very professional.  Sam did an amazing job.  Was very efficient and quick but also was sensitive to the needs of my older plumbing/pipes.  The drain has never worked better.  He even left the bathroom cleaner than he found it.  Will definitely be using them again.

-Thomas, Towson MD

Called in Frank after I had some suspect recommendations from Len The Plumber, and therefore needed a second opinion. [The] problem was a backed sewer. Frank reacted very quickly to my call. Inspection revealed that the cast iron pipe under the house had cracked and large tree root was causing the blockage. Frank also convinced me that the story my wife was given by Len The Plumber was a load of rubbish. Frank is helped by his son, or to be more honest, it is the other way around. Both are respectful, take care of your home, and keep things clean. They cleared as much of the blockage as they could. Enough to last us a day or two at least, and then they returned to dig through the basement concrete floor, cut out a section of the old broken pipe, replace it, fill the hole and re-concrete.

-Angies List Review

Frank Taciak, the owner, provided the initial estimate and was onsite to oversee the entire operation from start to finish. He is also the backhoe operator – very professional – he owns his own equipment. The crew arrived at 08:30 as promised. They completed the job at around 16:00 after having to work through a few obstacles – to be expected with a job requiring excavation. They used 3/4″ copper pipe to replace a 70-year old galvanized iron pipe that had corroded through. In order not to disturb the shrubbery by the house, they pushed a section of pipe out from the basement, using the same hole as the original galvanized pipe. They were highly professional all the way through the job. Clean up was excellent. We’ve had no problems with the water feed since.

-Angies List Review

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