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Diagnostic drain and camera inspection in Baltimore, Maryland

Working plumbing drains are an integral part of enjoying your home. When drain pipes and sewer lines start failing, repair becomes necessary. Unfortunately, identifying problems can be difficult with most plumbing behind walls or underground. As homeowners ourselves, we understand that any plumbing repair is frustrating. The only thing that can be more daunting is deciding which contractor to use and which repair to approve.

Camera inspections and pipe locating take the guesswork out of sewer and drain repair because they show the exact location of any damage and problems. Equipped with this knowledge, you and your plumber can determine the best course of action to get your plumbing up and running again. C.A. Taciak & Sons is an expert at performing video pipe inspections in the greater Baltimore area. Our specialized equipment and three generations of experience help us diagnose issues quickly and efficiently. If you feel your home would benefit from a camera inspection service, please get in touch.

If you want to learn more about camera inspections, please take advantage of our guide below. This article provides a wealth of information on pipe inspections. If you are looking for a particular topic, use the links below to jump to that section:

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What is a sewer video inspection or camera inspection for pipe?

A diagnostic sewer camera inspection, video pipe inspection, or camera inspection is a visual inspection of the inside of a drain pipe. Trained plumbers use these inspections to diagnose sewer line, septic system, drain line, and rain leader problems. They show what issues are in the pipe as well as their severity and exact location.

The first step in any video pipe inspection is to gain access to the drain pipe. If the inspection is for a plumbing system, access is gained by opening a cleanout or removing a toilet. If the camera inspection is for a rain leader system, a portion of a downspout gets removed. The next step is to insert the camera head and push the camera cable through the pipeline. As the camera moves through the pipe, the live video feed from the camera's head plays on the viewing monitor. This live feed allows us to inspect the pipe's interior and note any issues. While the camera head is inside the line, a small radio sonde in the camera head broadcasts its position.

When we spot a problem in the pipe, we note its location and continue the inspection. Continuing the camera inspection lets us see if any other issues are further down the line. We could miss other severe problems if we stopped at the first issue. It is easier and more cost-effective to replace all damaged pipe portions simultaneously instead of doing multiple repairs over time. We aim to create a complete picture of your drain pipe's condition and present repair options accordingly.  

But what if a camera inspection reveals that your sewer, septic, rain leader, or drain is fine? C.A. Taciak & Sons regularly provides pipe inspections for real estate agents and homeowners who want peace of mind. Regular inspections give you an excellent idea of your plumbing's condition and allow you to identify and repair plumbing issues before they seriously affect your home. C.A. Taciak & Sons offers a scheduled plumbing inspection service. If this is something you would like to know more about, please call us.

A drawing showing a plumber in a basement doing a pipe camera inspection while another plumber outside uses a locator to find the pipe.

What is pipe locating?

Professional sewer video inspection cameras contain a powerful radio sonde in the camera head. This sonde, in turn, transmits a radio signal that the camera inspector can locate using a unique locating wand. The inspector can tune into this radio signal and get the camera head's location and depth.  

During a diagnostic sewer camera inspection and locate, an inspector finds the exact position of the camera head several times. This helps the inspector trace the run of the drain line and pinpoint the precise locations of any problem areas. The inspector can create a detailed and crafted repair plan using this information.

Diagnosing pipe and drain problems

Combining diagnostic camera inspection and pipe locating creates precise and powerful sewer and drain problem solutions. A wide range of problems occur in a home's plumbing drain system, and each of these problems requires a specific answer. But, without knowing exactly what's going on, a lot of needlessly expensive and destructive work can occur. This is where a camera inspection provides the right insight. By harnessing the power of video inspection technology, it is easy for a plumber to tell where the problem is and what is causing it. Common problems seen inside pipes include:

  • Roots and Root Intrusion
  • Cracks
  • Breaks
  • Dips
  • Foreign Objects
  • Pipe Separations
  • Crushed Pipes

Diagnostic camera inspection and pipe locating remove as much guesswork as possible from solving your plumbing problem. It is a powerful tool that provides peace of mind. Perhaps you have been having drain problems, and another plumber is pushing a large and expensive pipe repair. We're here to help. C.A. Taciak & Sons offers low-pressure second-opinion camera inspection services. We can confirm or deny the severity of another plumber's diagnosis and provide other repair options when possible. Pipe inspections also ensure no more hidden issues down the line. As homeowners, we understand the importance of finding and fixing every problem the first time.

Sewer and drain camera inspections for real estate

When purchasing a new home, it is understandable to have concerns about the condition of its plumbing. Although a Maryland state home inspection includes visually checking for working plumbing, it rarely goes deeper than that. Critical problems deep within your new home's drain lines can pass undetected and result in costly home repairs down the road. Avoiding risks like these is why many homeowners are starting to request a video sewer inspection of their new home before finalizing the sale.  

Sewer camera inspections are a powerful tool for real estate transactions and work like any other real estate inspection. If we find any issues during the inspection, we note them and provide repair or replacement options. This process can be a powerful negotiating tool for any prospective home buyer. When problems are present, a buyer can secure additional funds for the repair during the negotiation process before it's too late. Like any real estate inspection, all video sewer inspections are confidential and stay with the party that hires us. Please get in touch if you want a camera inspection done on a real estate project.

Consult with us

C.A. Taciak & Sons is happy to offer camera inspections and pipe locating to clients in the greater Baltimore area. We have found that it is an indispensable tool for determining pipe problems, peace of mind in real estate transactions, and can provide powerful information for second opinions on plumbing repairs bid by other companies. If you're interested in scheduling a camera inspection for your plumbing, or would like us to consult for a second opinion on your home's drains and plumbing, reach out.

Frequently asked questions about diagnostic pipe inspections

How accurate is pipe locating?

Pipe locating is very accurate and pinpoints the depth and location of any problem within one to two feet. This accuracy is enough for most repair projects. However, if a more delicate touch is needed, there are several ways to increase our locating accuracy when required. C.A. Taciak & Sons are experts in accurate pipe locating for critical plumbing problems.

Are camera inspections and pipe locating only for exterior underground plumbing?

No, camera inspection and locating technology work in almost any conventional drain line, and the only limitation is pairing the correct camera inspection equipment with the drain size. C.A. Taciak & Sons has specialized camera equipment that enables us to inspect both small and large residential drain lines. We bring a variety of equipment to every job because we have found this to help serve our neighbors in the Baltimore area. Older historic homes have finicky plumbing that often comes in obscure sizes, and we are successfully able to inspect this piping with our highly specialized equipment.

What if my pipes are currently clogged? Will a camera inspection still help?

Although we can no longer see the exact cause of the problem if your drain is clogged, pipe locating will still identify where the issue is. If a drain clean or other simple solution does not solve your problem, knowing its location will allow us to dig down and start repairing the pipe accurately.