An excavator digs up a leaking pipe under the slab of a horse stable

Fixing Water Line Leaks in Horse Barns and Outbuildings

Water line leaks spring up anywhere, even under a barn floor! Here you can see us repairing a hidden water line leak in a horse stable in Baltimore County. While this leak isn’t as serious as one flooding out a home, it still creates a muddy mess and stresses this equestrian facility’s plumbing system. Our unique combination of equipment helps us pinpoint the problem and keep our repair and work area small.  

We bring the right equipment for every job to minimize costs and time out of commission. Our total repair time to get this barn’s tack room and washing facilities back in business was only one day. Call us if you have water leaks in your greater Baltimore area barn, garage, or other outbuildings. We have years of experience solving pesky plumbing problems in equestrian facilities and more!       

Why do water lines leak under barns?

Accessory structures, such as barns, are not always built to the same standards as a residential home. Just as it is not unusual for pipes to break and leak in a home, it is even less surprising for leaks to show up under barns, garages, and sheds. 

Leaks in accessory structures usually occur from 1-2 different causes:

  1. Water lines that are not winterized or are not deep enough to avoid winter freezing
  2. Improperly installed or old plastic water line fittings that crack and start leaking. 

If you are dealing with a leak under your outbuilding, it is probably because of one of the above reasons.  

How do you find water line leaks in barns? 

Water line leaks typically appear on the surface near where they are underground. In most cases digging directly above where the leak shows up gets us right to the problem. But this isn’t always the case. Slopes, paved floors, and other obstacles can transport the water from a leak far from the actual problem. In these situations, we use a combination of leak detection equipment to understand the leak’s location better and minimize property destruction.    

Can you fix water line leaks in barns? 

We fix water line leaks by digging up the problem and finding out what’s wrong. That makes it sound a lot simpler than it actually is. It is not unusual to run into odd and “unique” plumbing. Since there are many different piping materials, we must design each repair around the situation we uncover. We often find copper, PVC, Poly, Pex, and even galvanized steel piping connected in many “ways” that require specialized solutions to get up and running.  

Repaired underground water line
Repairing old water lines with new pipe and fittings

Stop suffering through water line leaks in your barn, garage, or accessory building!

We understand how urgent plumbing problems are. Water leaks, in particular, need to be addressed quickly and affordably. We can get to most plumbing leaks within just a few business days and have temporary solutions available to get your facility operating for the time being.  

If you have any questions about your barn or outbuilding water line leak. We are here to help!     

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